I know, we’re usually referred to as sheep and the horse thing is left to the alleged stubborn among us-”You can lead a horse to water…” But don’t we tend to be more like the horse who thinks drinking is overrated than the sweet, docile, obedient sheep Jesus addressed?

An Austrian weightlifter

Became an American movie star

Married into political royalty

Became Governor of California

Became a spokesperson for morality

Ok I like the song. Heck, I even recorded a version of it. An ironic, irreverent version with background loops from a band called Christian Death (look em up on Google and you’ll see how far I’m comfortable stretching irony). But I’m well aware that there is no scripture happening here.

There is such a temptation to snap-judge a stranger that I think it’s almost possible for anyone, in any walk of life to say they don’t give in occasionally. We see a strange, ugly, different, impaired, deformed, retarded or even simply a foreign person and so many thoughts pass through our minds. It’s inevitable that something off-colored or cruel will fly out of our mouths.

I remember as a kid watching “The Brady Bunch” how often their dad, Mike Brady would say, “We’re different than that, we’re Bradys” or “You can do it, you’re a Brady!” It was as if the family was made of a special concoction that made them some how miraculously different, impervious to flaw, corruption or destruction.

I remember when I was growing up how convinced I was that I would have the same best friends for the rest of my life. Several years later, I can’t get any of those guys to even talk to me on-line!  I look back and think of all the things I thought were permanent that weren’t… the house I grew up in, my mother, our dog, Empress, teachers I went back to visit who had aged so much that I barely recognized them ( and them me), favorite haunts, my first car, my friends from the church I was saved at…

Dear friends,

The following are the lyrics to a song I recorded called, MAJESTIC SOLID ROCK. Personally, I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. It’s based on a poem by a dear friend who is not crazy with my interpretation. She feels that the point of the song is lost in its presentation while I’m convinced it’s accentuated.

The other day I joked, “If Jeff Conaway and Zsa Zsa Gabor are both in comas, can they see each other?” Everyone deals with grief and loss differently.  My first line of defense always seems to be humor however inappropriate. These are two actors I feel I’ve known all my life though I only met them both once.

Seems like everywhere I turn people are talking about God. Goodness, Oprah spent  her entire hour confusing the world by combining several different spiritual philosophies into quite the witch’s brew.

So it shall be, for your vanity…

I’ve never been much of a fence-rider. Too much of an extremist for that, I suppose.  As I get ready to embark on my next musical venture, I reflect with bittersweet nostalgia upon my past musical identities. Here’s how I described my work in press releases...

Since the advent of the internet, my ministry has changed, grown, flourished and taken so many shapes and directions. It’s as if technology was timed to benefit the work of the do-it-yourself artist/preacher and I’m its luckiest recipient. While the numbers may fluctuate (or simply decline) here in Phoenix, my downloads and video hits continue to soar due to the ability to reach audiences all over the world despite our present economy which prohibits extensive touring- save for a select few.

Recently I confronted someone that I loved with concern I had about something they were intending that could expose them to enormous physical, emotional, spiritual and legal risk. They rolled their eyes and laughed at me accusing me of choosing a position of judgment and poo-pooing my words as overwrought and annoying.

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