In 2009, when I was working on my record, LOVE ME FOREVER, I wanted to conclude it with something that mattered musically and culturally at that moment. A new duo from England called The Ting Tings were getting a lot of radio play in the States and I was thrilled when I heard their record to discover that all of their songs were catchy and clever-not just the radio hits...

Being a Christian and adhering to the old “Turn the other cheek” thing, and the “Love your enemies”, “Pray for those who spitefully use you” and “Give, give GIVE” stuff, sometimes it’s simply maddening to try to accommodate all of the requests upon our spiritual commitment and, quite simply, patience with idiots...

As I see everyone posting on Facebook etc about gratitude I would first like to say that I’m grateful to all the wonderful people who have TRULY reached out to my family and me during this horrendous year of pain and confusion. You have made a world of difference and I hope I have let you all know individually. If not, write me private and allow me that privilege.

In the past week, two actresses I admired past away. Both were in their mid-fifties and that took me aback some. I’m more than six months into my fiftieth year of life and, since I’ve had such a rough year, it’s not uncommon for me to think about my mortality almost daily...

Tonight I went to a monthly support group meeting for parents of dead children. I sat in a circle of grieving men and women and listened as they painfully recounted their loss and the baby steps they have taken to mend their lives. Like everyone else, I feigned as much hope as I could muster while feeling hopeless inside...

After a lifetime of being misunderstood I begin this blog by saying that I sadly expect to be misunderstood here. So much so that I plan to ignore most (if not all) of the emails I will be receiving on this one. But a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. And it is MY blog after all, no?

I’m a wordsmith-a word addict, if you will. As a preacher I mention all the time that it was my obsession with words that drove my stage career and ultimately led up to my Biblical scholar status. Because of the “type” of music I’ve chosen to write for my records, people are always surprised when I mention my influences throughout the years.

It’s 9-11-12. Today, everyone in America is inspired to reflect upon a series of horrible events that happened eleven years ago. I posted on my Facebook a picture of Ronald Gamboa, Daniel Brandhorst and their 3-year-old son, David who died when United Flight 175 crashed into the South Tower of the World Trade Center.

So I had a lunch meeting today at a local burger place. When I pulled up and parked my car, a homeless guy, clearly younger than me, approached my window. I’m not one to give these guys money as there are so many of them in my area, I’m afraid of a SUDDENLY, LAST SUMMER feeding frenzy. Like everybody else, I rarely have cash on me these days-and certainly not change-and I’m all too aware at how many of these guys are merely hustlers.

My first memories of this song are from,  A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS. Linus has just rebuked the Peanuts gang and taught them the “true” meaning of Christmas. After their come-to-Jesus talk, the gang breaks out in happy chorus singing this wonderful, old, Christmas favorite.

I woke up this morning after having a really frustrating nightmare.  A co-worker was purposely trying to annoy me with loud music, loud phone conversations, knocking stuff over on my desk, flirting, giggling, etc. I think I woke up right at the point when I had just begun the physical altercation which would end in her demise.

You know the old one about the baby and the bathwater? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said, “Don’t throw the Baby Jesus out with the bath water” in reference to the profoundly embarrassing actions and behavior if some so-called Christians.

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