Towards the end of 2013 I realized I had some big decisions to make about my ministry-especially my music. I was getting ready to release a compilation (20 songs from 20 records) of the past decade in 2014. It was very clear to me that I had to decide what the next decade would look like musically.  I’m exceedingly proud of and grateful for what I’ve done but, I’ve DONE it...

To whom it may concern: I so desperately wish you could have held on just a little while longer, to have lived to see the day that the world's heart grew big enough to accept your kind...

I, Paisley Yankolovich  have a relationship with Jesus Christ. There is no religion in my life, therefore I need no Religious Freedom. I am called by my Master to be a servant and slave to all. Therefore, what one looks like, what one smells like, what god one worships (or what devil) and who they choose to love has NO BEARING on how I am called to love, serve and minister to them anyway the Lord makes able.

Watching "The Normal Heart" is ripping my heart out. And it's reminding me once again why I started this ministry and why I will NEVER suffer ANYONE who has no clue what it is like to be gay debate the moral, psychological and spiritual issues involved until their moral, psychological and spiritual shit is spotless...

Last night I received this letter on Facebook from someone who I have never met face to face but has been a huge support nonetheless. Sometimes Facebook doesn't suck...

I knew that when I left the house today to see Darren Aronofsky’s “Noah” I was going to be doing a blog this evening.  As someone who continually criticizes Christian-made films (I have not yet seen “God’s Not Dead”) but praises secular visions (“The Last Temptation Of Christ,” “Jesus Christ Superstar,” “The Ten Commandments”), I knew this $130 million Hollywood epic would be ripe for scrutiny and it did not disappoint...

How is it not obvious to Christians that a message is being sent out, "We don't want you." Well, the message coming back is clear: "You don't want our business? We don't want your God..."

Lord Jesus, wherever we look we see a world that needs your love and compassion...

I first started watching GLEE to have something in common with my kids. I had an ongoing love/hate relationship with the show...

Prayers for all who have been affected by today's events in Connecticut.

Tonight marks my 30th birthday in Jesus Christ...


Dear God,

Please help us to remember, learn about, and celebrate the victims and not the perpetrator.

As many of us celebrate our freedoms...

Donna Summer and I became Christians around the same time and place. But she was so famous that she was whisked away by church leaders and taught what to say to the out-of-control press (think: cult experience) especially regarding AIDS being the judgment of God on homosexuals.

Last night I posted on Facebook:

“My dear Ari. Taught me to sing, dance, march to my own drummer-and be nice to the fans. My heart is forever broken.”

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