I would have a hard time proving that I’ve ever waited patiently for anything but it’s true! There is one thing I can point to as something that I truly gave to the Lord. When I became a Christian at nineteen I was fresh from being in a well-received Hollywood band. Actually, I walked away from the band and the record we recorded because of my new-found recognition of the need for God in my life.

It funny. Sweet actually. Recently, upon posting the lyrics to COUNTLESS DREAMS, I was flooded with emails encouraging me on my road to love. So many friends, fans, well-wishers heard my cry of loneliness and felt compelled to offer their condolences, words of advice and comfort or testimonies of how god brought love into their lives.

Dying movie stars, stories of war, devastation by natural disaster…  Seems like the end is near.

Or is it?

It’s funny. I spend a lot of time in dresses and combat boots. I don’t spend much time thinking about the origins, statement or ramifications of such a choice.  I know other people do so the effects are not lost on me but I feel no different in show wear than I so in my jammies post-performance eating Oreos and watching “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” reruns.

Is it possible to know too much? I wrote this line in the song, STAND AROUND & WATCH to be taken in the biblical sense. It’s also a play on the movie title. In the film, Jimmy Stewart knew too much of what the bad guys were up to-so much it almost gets him killed.

After recently posting the lyrics and MP3 of THE VANITY SONG (from ZOMBIES, 2007) , a number of people wrote and asked what inspired me to take the brutal prophesy of Isaiah 3:16 (I always felt that number to be ironic) and turn it into a pop tune.

“When I come to die… Give me Jesus!” Suddenly, the song really spoke to me and  minutes later we were laying down tracks for a piece that would not only become one of my favorites on ZOMBIES, but the most poignant.

As I’m coasting through the eve of what is generally my biggest performance event of the year (the Phoenix Fringe Festival) , I am troubled and somewhat amused by a recent revelation. As we humans prepare to walk through our most recent rites of passage (marriage, babies, graduations, homecomings, award ceremonies, loss of loved ones, and, of course, big-ass performances), there’s always a Who moment. Y’know the one where that damned song floats through our minds: “How many friends have I really got…?”

Like so many of us, I spend too much time on Facebook. I do love bouncing about and seeing what everyone else deems post-worthy.  The pics, the videos, the political tirades… I could get lost forever.  But nothing moves me more than relationship status updates.  Once I posted a pic of myself with a buxom mannequin with a message that stated, “Paisley Yankolovich is in a relationship” and someone I dated ONCE wrote me and let me have it. (Uh, it  was a mannequin, a joke). That’s when I knew I was not the only one who read these with great delight. (I did the same thing with a Tigger doll and someone refused to go out with me because of it, lol, lmao, roflmao)

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